Making Silicone puppets - Part 3 – legs

We used a very small scale (1:6) so we needed a very small armature. The smallest armature we found was almost not small enough, so I had to sculpt the model around the armature (And still needed to file the feet armature around to make it smaller). That created a lot of cleaning work later to get the Plasticine out of the armature. The model I covered the armature with NSP Plasticine, leaving the top edge exposed. Once I finished modeling I screwed the bolts inside the armature under the feet for the tie downs. The mold Same way as the hands, I placed the model on a bed of water based clay, leaving the top edges of the armature stand out of the mold to make a hole through I can pour the sil

Making Silicone puppets - Part 2 – hands

The hands were made in a similar method as the head, only without the master model and the silicone mold steps. The model First I made a simple wire armature and covered it with NSP Chavant Plastecine. I modeled it with small tools until I got the right shape. Making the mold First I placed the hands model on a bed of water based clay, keeping the bottom part of the hands (the wrists) linked to the edge of the clay bed. I built a wall around it and poked the clay bed with a pencil in several places. I surrounded the bottom half of the model with clay, so it looks like half of the model is sunk in the clay. I mixed the plaster with water, first brushed the model with it gently, using a small

Making Silicone puppets - Part 1 – The head

The puppets parts were made separately and joined together after casting. At first we thought of making a whole body casting but there were too many details and too many things that could go wrong on the way, so we went for the separated way. Tom made sketches for the armature according to the drawing of the character. Then I made separated models, molds and castings for the head, the body, the legs and the hands. The head This was the longest process. We wanted to make replacement heads, for different expressions. So I needed to make a master model and a master mold, where I could cast identical heads and modify them. Master model For the master model I used Super Sculpey clay, and painted

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