Making the set - Part 2- the yard

The yard Making the yard was one of the most fun parts, a little like making miniature gardening. First we built the stage - a few tables set and leveled together. Then we placed the house and started making the yard around it. We used a lot of organic stuff that we found. The tree is a branch we found in a forest. We stuck it in the table by drilling a hole in it. The laundry rack was placed the same way. The ground was made from different kinds of sand and soil, milled to thin dust. First we covered all the surface with a layer of regular moist sand and then we spread the thin dust above. We brought a lot of small dry plants from the park and "planted" them around the yard. For smaller and

Making the set - Part 1- the house

The process of building the house began as always with research. I looked at lots of images of old houses, and made a combination from some of them. Then I made the plan on Sketch Up in scale 1: 6 and I had the precise measurements of the walls and the roof. To build walls, furniture and square things, I use white cardboard with a coating of wall putty. This method is accessible, inexpensive and allows me to achieve many details. I draw the layouts according to the measurements on the cardboard, cut and glue the different wigs to one another with UHU glue. I assist with small pins to keep the pieces together until the glue dries. It's better to work with at least two layers of cardboard to m

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