Making Animal toy puppets

Beside the silicone puppets we had to make some animal toy puppets. Most of them were made with a simple wire armature except for the big bunny, that we needed to animate more than the others, so its armature is a little more complex. Making all of them took less time than making one silicone puppet… Making the bunny First we did our sketches and Tom made the armature - aluminum wire with metal tubes and some components. I covered the armature with foam straps, using UHU glue and started cutting it around with scissors until it got a curvier shape. Then I cut some pieces of synthetic fur, fitted it to the different parts of the body and glued it with some fabric glue above the foam. The edge

Puppet fabrication

Making eyes The eyes were made of 10 mm wooden beans. I filled the hole with Epoxy putty but not completely. I used a rounded head pin to make a socket for the iris and pocked it from the other side to make a small hole to place the eyes on a pin while painting them. The beans were painted with several thin layers of white acrylic paint. I printed a picture of an iris on a sticker, about 4 mm diameter and placed it in the iris socket. Then I dripped a small drop of clear epoxy on it. It has to cover the iris and create a small bump. You have to mix the two parts of epoxy really gently and slowly or you'll get bubbles in it. Once it cured I painted it with two layers of nail polish. Making pu

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